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  • Accounting Expertise Services: The site offers accounting expertise services, statutory auditing, and wealth management expertise.
  • Personalized Support: They provide personalized support to meet the specific needs of clients, whether individuals or businesses.
  • Experience: The firm has been registered with the Company of Statutory Auditors since 1988 and with the Order of Chartered Accountants since 1989.
  • Multiple Locations: The firm has several locations in Paris, Garches, Sainte Rose in Guadeloupe, and Lacanau in Gironde.
  • Client Diversity: The firm serves a variety of clients, including developers, dentists, freelance nurses, trainers, construction and public works companies, among others.
  • Quality Services: The firm emphasizes the quality of its services, highlighting that price should not be the only determining factor in choosing a service provider.
  • Connected Firm: The firm uses several online tools to facilitate accounting management, such as Tiime, Quick Books, Evoliz, My Unisoft, PennyLane, Dropbox, Pappers, etc.
  • Wealth Management: The firm also offers wealth management services, helping clients invest their money, prepare for retirement, reduce their IFI (Wealth Tax), protect their spouse or civil partner, etc.
  • Accounting Expertise for Businesses: The firm assists businesses in managing their accounts, preparing their financial statements, and providing regular reports to aid in decision-making.
  • Statutory Auditing and Contributions: As a statutory auditor and contributor, the firm ensures the sincerity and regularity of the annual accounts prepared by a company or other institution.

Cabinet Bohdanowicz is an auditing and accounting firm. Its services include acquisition audits, accounts consolidation, evaluation of internal control, report management, as well as verification of annual accounts and fiscal declarations. Additionally, the firm facilitates online auditing services. Cabinet Bohdanowicz is based in Paris, France.

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Official opening of the web site on October 1, 1998 for the 10th anniversary of the firm.

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Our services : Accountancy and Audit services, but also management consultancy, assistance with tax verification and the establishment of business data processing.
A query, a tax or a financial problem…, a need for explanation of your accounts, do not hesitate to contact us.